Falcon Forms

Falcon Forms

The best ever forms app. Make your own custom forms in an instant, tailored to perfectly adapt to your personal or business needs. Download & digitize paperwork now.


• Stay ahead by easily digitizing your paper-based forms in an instant

• Build and make your own forms as per your personal or your business needs

• No limit on the number of form templates or fields. Create infinite form templates as you wish

• Does not need any kind of registration or account creation or sign-up 

• This is an iOS mobile-first offline app where you don’t need any network connection to build or fill out forms

• Very easy-to-use app and can’t be simpler

• Promote and bring up your business brand value with intuitive letterheads, watermarks & logo on the filled-out PDF forms

Core Features

• Easily make your own custom form templates in the app in an instant with more than 15 input types and share them across your team

• First-of-its-kind app where you can add video attachments to PDF forms

• Cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality, documentation/text scanning, location search, and more

• Real-time collaboration by allowing sharing of the filled-out PDF files and Form Templates (JSON format) via email and third-party cloud storage providers like iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and much more using the Files App (iOS)

• Ensure the integrity and security of your filled-out forms with signatures and password protection

Who Can Use This App:

• If you do any kind of paperwork as part of your personal or business workflows, then you have found the right app for you.

• Business forms with your brandings such as inspection forms, technical reports, fieldwork reports, safety reports, maintenance reports, job reports, work orders, purchase order reports, service reports, construction reports, estimation reports, and more can be built using this app

• Personal forms such as to do list forms, notes, memos, rental agreements, deeds, receipts, and much more can also be done

Do I Need To Sign Up Or Create An Account?

No, you do not need to sign up or create an account of any kind. This is a mobile-first offline app. Start creating forms straight away.

Is This A Free App?

Yes, this app is totally free as part of our launch promotion and allows you to create an unlimited number of form templates and forms. No subscription is required.

Want To Suggest Any Feature Or Improvements?

Please reach out to us using the contact form below for any feature suggestions, improvements or feedback. If you are using Falcon Forms, we will do our best to deliver what you ask for.

“A great product isn’t just a collection of features. It’s how it all works together”

– Tim Cook, Apple CEO

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