Other Apps

Falcon Forms is an app to digitize your workflows involving paper forms. This app can help you build and configure your own forms to suit your needs.

Place of Interest is an iOS location based app that enables you to add your places of interest like cafe, restaurants, hospitals, stores, pharmacies etc,

Biz Card Lookup is a native iOS scanner based solution that extracts the name, phone numbers and email address from the given business card.

Card Lookup is a native iOS on-device AI based app that extracts the 16 digit card number, card expiry and card holder’s name from the given front side of a credit or debit card. 

Virtual Jungle Safari brings the excitement of knowing about wildlife and watching them right in your iOS devices in a very intuitive and immersive way.

Simple Loyalty Wallet is an elegant and simple solution that enables you to manage all your customer loyalty cards in one place.

Easy Habit Tracker is a simple easy-to-use app that enables you to keep track of the habits you wish to follow on a regular basis.

Flappy Air ShipTap the screen to control the airship. When you tap, the airship moves up. Releasing the tap will cause the airship to glide down. When you hit the ground, the game ends. During the flight, there will be birds approaching your flight path. Stay away from the birds. If you hit the birds, the game ends. So stay away from birds.During your flight, keep an eye on your fuel level. There will be fuel cans that appear during the game, make sure you collect fuel by passing through the fuel can.

Happy flying!!

With over 7 years in the IT products and services industry, I develop enterprise, commercial and gaming mobile application for the iOS Platform across multiple business domains. I also specialize in providing on-device “Digital AI Transformation” solutions.

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