Virtual Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari iOS App

About Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is a video based iOS app focusing kids for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Jungle Safari brings in the excitement of knowing about wildlife and watching them right in your iOS devices in a very intuitive and immersive experienced way. The app covers four major categories such as mammals, reptiles, aquatic animals and birds thereby covering more that 65 species of the wild ranging from the most common ones to the exotic endangered species. The app also has a search feature to search for the favourite animal. The app uses free to use contents from and

To educate and create awareness among kids and common masses regarding wildlife conservation the app is a free to download on the iOS platform.

About the Developer

I have more than to 6.5 years of experience in the IT products and services industry with a specialisation in developing enterprise, commercial and gaming mobile application on the iOS Platform across aviation, banking, telecom and retail domains. I also have been instrumental towards providing on-device “Digital AI Transformation” solutions.


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