Handling Large Datasets using Couchbase Sync Gateway iOS

Here we are going to see about processing and storing large data sets in an ‘offline-first’ model. So here’s the word ‘offline-first’ is the catch. When you have an ‘online-first’ architecture your app doesn’t need to process a huge volume upfront. So the explained below approach suits the best for ‘offline-first’ use case. First IContinue reading “Handling Large Datasets using Couchbase Sync Gateway iOS”

Static Library vs Dynamic Library in iOS

Static Library vs Dynamic Library in iOS Pratheesh BennetJun 25·5 min read Here we are going to see one of the most overlooked concepts in iOS development. Static libraries and dynamic libraries and how it impacts your app. Let’s dive in, What is a Static Library? When an app is linked with a library(Framework) usingContinue reading “Static Library vs Dynamic Library in iOS”

GraphQL with Apollo iOS SDK

Here I am going to show a step by step implementation on how to use Apollo iOS SDK in your swift application. In my guide I would be Apollo iOS SDK for a tvOS application which uses https://api.spacex.land/graphql/ api. The application hits the Spacex api and queries all the past missions and displays it. What is GraphQL?Continue reading “GraphQL with Apollo iOS SDK”

Effective Switching of Enums

Here I am going to share my experience as how I used enum without using switch statements. Now let’s see what is the problem in using switch statements in your code base. Before that we can recall what is an enum. An enumeration defines a common type for a group of related values and enables you toContinue reading “Effective Switching of Enums”